An effective manager is someone who is trained and has
years of education and learning in the area of Business
Management or Retail Management, right? Wrong. A good
manager is someone who innately understands how to deal
with others; someone that not only has great people
skills but is likeable, knowledgeable and someone that's
charismatic. While there are many different facets of
business management which can be taught there's an
entire other realm that's something that's inborn. This
intuitive ability to deal with people isn't a thing that
can be derived from text books but only comes from the
practical hands on knowledge of co-existing with others.
Good communication skills and people skills are not
things which could be learned but are things that
cultivate at an early age. Of course, there are numerous
aspects of business management that can be taught - e.g.
there is a level of respect that a person will have to
generate from those they work with in order to truly
succeed. This respect is developed not necessarily by
the kind of manager they are but by the sort of person
they are. Becoming a manager is not a career choice
which should be taken casually because it is very simply
not something that someone merely jumps into and
schooling is the least of the worries in this type of
position. Actually many businesses will pay well steady
workers who seem to have management in their blood to
get their business management degree and for many; this
is an opportunity that they jump at. Business management
paths occur in a variety of different ways and while
these opportunities exist in a number of fields it is
often individuals that move up the corporate ladder into
the management positions who have the greatest amount of
success in their position. This is very simply because
these individuals learned the business from the bottom
up, gained the respect of the entire organization, and
proved themselves a commanding presence within the
infrastructure of the company itself. No books can drive
a person to the top of an organization it takes working
hard, commitment, and a drive to succeed. Learning a
business from the inside creates a much stronger leader
than 4 years of education could ever produce.