There are lots of snack bars to choose from inside a
supermarket. It can be difficult to discern which ones
are healthy and which ones are not worth trying to be
careful about your food choices. What are the things
that you need to look for when selecting a snack bar?
These guidelines may help you in choosing a healthy
snack bar by means of reading product labels:
1. Look at the Energy Content.
When you are a very busy person, you might want to
choose a healthy snack bar which can give 600 kJ.
Looking at the energy content also includes taking in
consideration the size of the snack bar. For example, 30
g Snack Bar A at 500 kJ will satisfy your energy needs
more than a 20 g Snack Bar B at 520 kJ.
2. Check out the Fat Content.
As much as possible, avoid snack bars that contain
saturated fat. If you really want that snack bar, better
aim for less than 2g per bar. Saturated fat is harmful,
because excessive intake may cause heart disease or even
cancer. While the overall fat content may be large, you
must look at the saturated fat content, because if Snack
Bar A has 5 g of overall fat and contains 0 g of
saturated fat, then it is better than Snack Bar B which
has 4 g of overall fat but contains 1 g of saturated
fat. All in all, the total fat content must be 5 g or
less in a snack bar to be considered “healthy.”
3. See the Sugar Content.
To complete the trio with fat and energy content, make
sure you check the sugar level of the snack bar. Several
snack bars contain sugar, which comprises almost half of
their total weight. High sugar levels are not favourable
because too much sugar can temporarily boost energy, but
this energy declines very fast. As much as possible,
look for snack bars with less than 9 g of sugar.
4. Read the Ingredients List.
After looking at the nutritional facts, you may also
want to check out which food substances are used in
making the snack bar. Healthy snack bars will list oats,
raisins, bran, honey, fruits and other natural