Read before you start

This tutorial gives you a free access to three stages you can choose from, when learning how to touch type.
Bear in mind, that these stages do not define your current skills, but rather, set an approach you should take to master the skill of touch typing. The more demanding approach, the greater the effort, but also the satisfaction in completing the course and final results. Below you can read about the differences between the three stages, and choose the one, that matches your ambitions and abilities.

Basic stage

This stage allows you to do all the exercise and texts in any order. It does not set any requirements necessary to accomplish an exercise. You don’t need to log in to go through all the tasks or texts presented on the site.

Intermediate stage

This stage requires registration. You need to do all the exercises in a certain order, and remember, that if you don’t log in for two days, you are moved back to a previous exercise position.

Advanced stage

It’s the most difficult stage and also requires registration. All exercises need to be completed in a particular order. Since this stage is aimed at the most ambitious typing masters-to-be, the user has to log in every day, otherwise they will also be moved back to a previous position.

The tutorial includes the following chapters:

  • How to become a master
  • Keyboard layout
  • Correct position at a computer
  • Hand position on a keyboard
  • Basic exercises for letters: a, s, d, f
  • Letters: a, s, d, f in certain words
  • Arranging your workplace
  • Preparing your desk
  • A few words about your monitor
  • Correct keyboard fingering
  • Space and Enter buttons
  • Exercises for letters: j, k, l and semicolon
  • Ćwiczenia wyuczonych
  • Letters: a, s, d, f, j, k, l in certain words and semicolon
  • The letter E
  • Exercises for the letter E
  • Exercises for letters: q, w, p and o