One of the biggest myths out there is the myth of women
growing big muscles if they lift weights or get into
weight training. Old myths are hard to get rid of. I
have heard many times from women who haven't even lifted
barbell weight in their life state that they don't lift
weights because they fear getting too big. First off I'd
like to see them try, as any muscle building takes a lot
of work even for the smallest amounts of growth and
second men and women can only grow so much because of
genetics. If lifting weights made everyone huge like you
see in magazines you'd see everyone in the gyms looking
like that. In countless cases women want to lose body
fat and the last thing they think of is lifting weights
or getting into bodybuilding. That's because their mind
set of bodybuilding is this huge muscular looking
figure. Truth is, yes you can create a good figure, but
getting “too big” is just about impossible.
Here's the thing. During the rest time when muscles
re-energize, (after working them) they eat body fat for
dinner. In other words the muscles go after fat to get
more energy required. Keeping it simple, the more a
muscle is worked (without over training) the more fat it
will eat up. I have seen cases were the women focuses on
the bodybuilding and learning, rather the standing on
the scale every day watching the weight and they have
had unbelievable success losing weight. Stay off the
scale and use the mirror.
What happens when a women or man focuses on building and
shaping muscles rather than fat loss is the fat or
weight loss becomes the by-product of the bodybuilding
and toning? By the way there really is no such thing as
toning. You either have muscle growth (hypertrophy) or
no growth and toning is simply muscle growth. A so
called cut muscle or ripped muscle in many cases shows
more with a dehydrated body. Building muscles has a
greater effect on weight loss than cardio workouts.
Because gained muscle burns fat (while you sleep). Go
into any gym and you will find most people riding the
bikes rather than lifting weights. Because of years of
being told cardio workouts are the way to lose weight
everyone does it. Lifting weights will help lose the fat
twice as fast and keep it off.