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Welcome! This is an online speed typing tutorial.

The turial will allow you to learn to touch type quickly and easily until typing becomes a truly enjoyable experience.

Meticulously prepared lessons

Use the specially-designed step-by-step lessons, to get familiar with the touch typing techniques. But there’s more to this course than just plain theory – you can put each technique to a test and write one of the carefully-chosen texts containing particular letters. Thus, you can train and consolidate the newly-acquired skills!

Intuition based training tool

Notice that during the lesson and exercise you can see a keyboard with particular keys being highlighted. A picture also shows you which finger you should use to press a given key to be the most effective. Whenever you make a mistake in the text, the color of the font changes to red.

System of motivation

If you’re not feeling conscientious or lack the motivation required to do the exercise on a regular basis, don’t worry! After you log in, you can choose between three levels of motivation, and be regularly informed you about any backlogs or irregular training.

Evaluation and a system of suggestions

After completing each text, you are given a grade, evaluating your skills and progress. What’s more, we provide you with the information on what are your most frequent errors, and what to do to avoid them.

Control your progress

If you stay logged in, you can regularly control your progress. The effects of your work are presented to you by means of a clear and easy-to-read chart. Thanks to this information, you can decide by yourself whether you have reach a satisfactory level, or maybe you should get down to more intense practice.

Wide choice of texts

In the Texts section, you will find a wide selection of texts, including fragments of fine literature. By working on those texts, you can both get familiar with famous pieces of prose or poems, as well as develop your skills in touch typing. If you get bored with the texts presented here, you can send us your piece of writing, and receive a newly-generated test.

Support us

TouchTypingOnline.com has always been a free service, accessible to everybody. We are pleased that our website attracts new users who can use the service and all of its functions without opening their wallets - and we want it to stay that way. However, we would like to develop the service even further, which involves additional costs, and that's why we've decided to introduce the possibility of supporting the website by means of voluntary donations.

We thank you for your support, and we will make every effort to use it in the most effective way possible.

If you find this page useful, you can support it by giving any amount of money as a donation. We should be grateful for any support from our users and at the same time, we ensure that each donation will be used to defray the costs of maintaining the service and extending the website content in the future.